What is black tea?

Tea, especially black tea, is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The most common types are green tea, black tea, and oolong tea, all of which are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea is stronger in taste and has more caffeine than other types of tea, but it has less caffeine than coffee.

benefit black tea

Its name is called “tea” in South China and North China, respectively. Tea cultivation takes place in areas where there is at least 1200 mm of annual rainfall and the suitable soil for that is acidic soil with a pH of five and a half. In terms of processing, the tea leaves go through heating, drying and sometimes adding some other herbs and finally it is boiled for several minutes in boiling water. Processing of its black type can be done in two official (Orthodox) and unofficial (Unorthodox) ways. In this plant, there are “antioxidants”, “caffeine” and “theophylline”.

benefits of black tea

The properties of black tea for the health of the body are many, we mention some of the most important ones:

The benefit of black tea on relieving fatigue and stress

Stress and fatigue caused by various activities can come to every person during the day and night. This is when people look for a delicious food or drink to solve these problems.

Drinking this tea and even inhaling its smell can relieve daily fatigue and stress caused by excessive secretion of cortisol hormone in the brain.

This tea can increase the power of concentration in people and cause freshness and mental peace in different people.

It goes without saying that the small amount of caffeine in this drink can also have a good effect on eliminating mental fatigue caused by daily activities.

The benfit of black tea on heart diseases

One of the properties of black tea is its effect on heart diseases. One of the important compounds in this tea are flavonoids that can cause high blood circulation in different parts of the body and prevent high cholesterol in the blood.

The benefit of black tea on the digestive system

Another effective compound in this tea is tannin, which can have many positive and negative effects on the health of the body.

The tannin in this tea can be effective in the treatment of various stomach and intestinal diseases. This tea can also have an effect in curing diarrhea and cure indigestion in different people and help digestion.

Meanwhile, there are compounds such as polyphenol in this tea, which has an antibacterial effect and can prevent the growth of bacteria in the intestines, stomach, and the entire digestive system.

The benefit of black tea on cancer

This tea has a lot of antioxidants, one type of which is polyphenol. This substance can be effective in the treatment or progression of all types of breast, ovarian, etc. cancers.

It should be said that antioxidants can destroy free radicals. As you know, free radicals cause the production of living cancer cells and damage living cells in the body; For this reason, the antioxidant properties of this drink can prevent cancer. So we saw that one of the properties of black tea is the effect of black tea on cancer. So

The benefit of black tea on oral health

We said that this tea has polyphenols, these polyphenols can remove the plaques and impurities on the teeth.

In addition, polyphenol also has antibacterial properties and can eliminate all types of caries and diseases of the mouth and gums and prevent them from occurring. It should be noted that this type of herbal tea can also eliminate bad breath by eliminating bacteria. So we realized that one of the properties of black tea is the effect on oral and dental health.

The benefit of black tea on the health of joints and bones

One of the properties of black tea is its effect on bone health. This drink has a large amount of phytochemicals, which is a type of antioxidant. This strong antioxidant can strengthen bones and joints in different people and prevent people from diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. or cause people to suffer from these problems later. It goes without saying that the calcium in this tea can also be effective for bones and their strength.

The benefit of black tea on strengthening the immune system

Another good effect of the tannin in this drink is fighting against all kinds of viruses. This combination can effectively destroy all types of viruses in the body and thus strengthen the immune system.

The benefit of black tea on increasing energy

This tea has a small amount of caffeine, for this reason it does not increase the heart rate and instead regulates the blood circulation and increases energy and physical strength. It is worth mentioning that this drink also improves respiratory diseases and bronchitis.

The benefit of black tea on the skin

This type of drink can play the role of a sunscreen and protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Also, due to the many antioxidants it contains, this tea can eliminate all types of wrinkles.

It should be mentioned that this tea has other wonderful properties. This drink can have a positive effect on type 2 diabetes (blood sugar regulation), liver, intestine, etc.

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Keep black tea for a long time

If you plan to store tea for a long time, you should pay attention to many factors. It is not enough that you pour the tea in a closed container. The unique taste of tea is due to the presence of oils, aromas and flavoring molecules. Therefore, when storing tea, you need to use a method so that these properties remain for a longer period of time.

Tea should be stored in a dry place and away from gas stove, sink and any heat and moisture.

Tea should not be stored in a cold or hot place.

Tea should be stored separately and its proximity with strong smelling substances such as coffee and other types of tea should be avoided

How to know if the tea is still fresh?

The only way to find out if your tea is still fresh over time is to brew it and drink it. If it still retains its flavor, it is clear that it is fresh. But if its flavor has changed, it is better to replace it with fresh tea. Also, old tea will be much darker in color than fresh tea. Drinking old tea will not have any side effects, but it will not bring you the pleasure of drinking fresh tea.

The best time to drink black tea

Any herbal and natural tea that has many properties should be used at certain times. Consuming black tea is no exception to this rule.

It is better to avoid drinking this tea before going to bed. Because the caffeine in it causes insomnia.

It should be noted that coffee has the highest amount of caffeine among drinks. Meanwhile, this type of tea has more caffeine than other teas such as green and white teas, and for this reason, you should pay attention to the time of its consumption.

Meanwhile, it is better for people to avoid drinking this type of tea before eating. Because it increases the production of acid in the stomach. In this way, with the increase of acid in the stomach, the process of food digestion is delayed and problems such as heartburn and stomach ulcers come to people.

What does black tea taste like?

In general, black tea is stronger and richer than green tea, and is typically more bitter than green tea, but if properly dried and brewed, it can offer a great flavor and aroma.

How to brew black tea?

Of all the types of tea, black tea is usually the easiest to brew. The tea brewing method is effective in the aroma, taste and color of the tea. The method of brewing tea is that they boil water in a samovar, for each cup of tea, pour one teaspoon of dry tea into the teapot, then fill the teapot with boiling water and put it on the samovar for three to five minutes to brew. By doing this, the tea loses a lot of its harmful elements. Inhalation time should not be less than 30 seconds and longer than five minutes. Because after that, tea tannin is gradually released and neutralizes the stimulating effect of caffeine and makes the taste of tea bitter.

To make iced black tea, double the amount of tea leaves, steep the tea as usual, and then pour the hot tea over ice.

Contents of black tea

Tea leaves contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, flavonic pigments, puric bases, theophylline, vitamins, chlorophyll, tannin and caffeine.

  • Caffeine
  • Theophylline: This substance has a structure similar to caffeine, which is present in both green and black tea. It has effects such as relaxing the bronchial muscles of the lungs, increasing the blood flow of the kidneys, increasing the contractility and efficiency of the heart muscles, increasing the heart rate, reducing blood pressure, and having anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Tannin: a bitter tasting polyphenol. Its effect in the body is to calm the central nervous system.
  • Theanine: There are several amino acids in tea, but the most amount of amino acid in tea is theanine. The main taste of tea is due to the presence of this substance.
  • Catechin: This substance is very useful and very beneficial for health. Catechin is present in green and black tea, but its amount is higher in green tea. This substance is anti-cancer, reduces blood cholesterol and is a strong antibiotic and antiviral, and also prevents high blood pressure and high blood sugar.
  • Vitamins E and C and group B vitamins: Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that is very useful for the body. Vitamin C reduces stress and reduces cold symptoms. B group vitamins also help in the metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Fluoride and Flavanoid: Fluoride strengthens teeth and Flavanoid prevents bad breath.

Also, tea contains fiber, carbohydrates, lipids and carotenoids.

Disadvantages of excessive use of black tea

Consuming too much tea during the day, especially the types that have essential oils and artificial colors, cause many harms and dangers to the body. Among these disadvantages, the following can be mentioned:
causing digestive problems including stomach ulcers, stimulating the secretion of stomach acid and causing constipation
Occurrence of excessive fatigue
Production of dangerous toxins in the body
Having a headache in high consumption

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