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Benli is the exporter of the best organic tea. Benli company sells tea and tea in bulk.
Benli always provides the best product to its customers. Our herbal teas and infusions offer unique and satisfying flavors.
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benli offers for sale a wide choice of natural teas and flavored. From green tea , to Iranian tea , herbal tea ,.. have a complete wholesale loose leaf and tea bag range.

By choosing Benli, you are choosing a premium tea supplier to buy quality wholesale tea from. Benli offers the best tea available.

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You can expect the following ingredients from Benli as your wholesale loose leaf tea supplier:

🔶Useful for both hot or iced tea
🔶Quality products
🔶Sourced from the Iranian premier tea-growing regions
🔶Flavorful and aromatic
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Top tea producing countries 2022

One of the top 3 beverages in the world is tea.tea is mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions.

Sri Lanka

The biggest exporters of tea are concentrated in these 8 countries. You can get the best tea or wholesale tea price in these countries.

The difference Iranian tea and other teas

One of the points that may occupy our mind while buying tea is the choice between buying Iranian tea or buying foreign tea. These two products are both prepared from tea leaves, but the main difference is in their processing method and production process.

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A wide range of fresh and direct teas at reasonable prices are shipped worldwide.

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Currently, it is possible to order bulk types of premium tea, broken, pen, powder, etc., as well as aromatic tea. These teas, which are separated during the production process, each have a different taste, aroma, and color. To wholesale tea order or wholesale tea price, fill out the form below so that our experts will contact you.


When it comes to the healthiest tea, green tea ranks best. Green tea has many health benefits, green tea can cause weight loss, regulate blood sugar, prevent diseases, maintain skin and liver health, reduce blood fat levels, regulate blood pressure and improve brain health.

The price of each ton of tea is different depending on the type of tea. For information on the price of each ton of tea, tea bags and herbal tea, contact us.

Herbal tea is popular in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Italy and Brazil, and most herbal tea exports are concentrated in this country.