Export Iranian raisins

Iranian raisin

Iranian raisin export is one of the important businesses in Iran and Iranian raisin has a good position for export.

Raisins are placed after dates in terms of production, but they have a much higher position than dates in world markets. The import of raisins in the world is high and it can be said that there are many countries that import raisins, including the UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain and Kuwait.

Iran has produced raisins for hundreds of years. Iran also tops the list in terms of the variety of raisins produced. Iran is one of the best countries for growing grapes and raisins due to its temperature and weather.

Whast is raisins?

Raisin is the ripe and dry fruit of grape (Vitis Vinifera). After the grapes reach the desired sugar level, they are harvested, washed, dried, sorted and packed.

Grapes, like other dried fruits, may be available year-round and is marketed under many names depending on the type of grape, drying process, and environmental factors. Around the world, Raisins are produced and consumed .

There are two methods to use grapes: fresh grapes and dried grapes. Raisins are made from dried grapes that have been dried by the sun’s heat and light.

Because raisins contain a significant amount of calcium, eating them helps to maintain healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Type of iraian raisin

  • Golden Kashmari raisin
  • Kashmari green raisin
  • Sultana raisin
  • Black raisin

Kashmiri raisins

Kashmiri raisins, which are known as long raisins, are made from seedless varieties of Iranian grapes. These types of raisins are famous for their molasses taste and long shape. Those who do not like the sweet taste of other raisins use this type of raisins. These raisins are mechanically and laser cleaned to get rid of any wood or extraneous objects. They are then packaged in accordance with all health, legal, and safety regulations.

Soltani raisins

These raisins are produced from Vitis Vinifera seedless grapes and their color is light brown to dark brown. Soltani raisins are dried in a special way and because it has a high sugar content, it tastes very sweet like honey. The color of sultani raisins is dark brown and it is used in the preparation of breads, cakes and sweets.

black raisins

According to some, black raisins are the tastiest type of raisins obtained from red grapes. fact, this type of raisin is a dried product of red seedless grapes.

A black raisin’s advantages include lowering the risk of diabetes, preserving oral health, and enhancing eyesight.

This raisin is popular and used frequently in baking and cuisine, and it has a large following.

One of Iran’s export raisins is the black raisin, which ranks quite highly in the world’s exports of black raisins


currants are another common type of raisins that are obtained from black grapes. In fact, this type o currants is dried directly by sunlight. Currants are basically the same dried black grapes, which are larger and fleshier, and in terms of properties, they are very complete and nutritious, and they do not lose their nutrients when dried.

There are many healing properties of currants, which include: rich in energy, a source of vitamins and proteins, suitable for eye health, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, improving blood circulation in the body, and improving the immune system.

usually seedless, royal, and meaty grapes are used to make currants. The darker the currant’s color, the greater its medicinal characteristics, including its ability to stave off Alzheimer’s.

The best-selling raisin is the raisin of Uzbekistan, and the reason for that is that it is black, seedless, coarse, and organic.

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Raisin quality

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Benefits of Iranian raisins

  1. Raisins rich in antioxidants
  2. Lower blood pressure.
  3. Stress reliever
  4. Eliminates anemia
  5. Treatment of inflammations and infections
  6. Preventing hair loss
  7. Acne and pimples
  8. Prevents the occurrence of kidney stones
  9. Losing and gaining weight

Nutritional value of raisins

Each 100 grams of raisins includes:

Energy (calories)
296 kcal
78.47 grams
2.52 grams
0.54 grams
16.57 grams
0.00 grams 0%
0.00 mg 0%

Export of Iranian raisins

export wholesale raisins Iran is one of the active countries in the field. Iran’s share of raisin exports is about 27% of world exports. Iran’s high-quality raisins are exported to countries around the world such as Australia, England, the United States, Italy and France. More than 120,000 tons of high quality raisins are produced in Iran every year. Raisins produced in Iran include golden, green and black raisins.

There are several cities in Iran that produce raisins for export. Kashmir and Takstan are among the cities that produce raisins with export quality.

There are many exported raisins in Iran, but the export of Malair and Kashmir and vineyard raisins has always been the priority of traders.

‌Bulk Iranian raisins wholesale

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Frequently Asked Questions

In 2019, the largest exporters of raisins include Turkey with 577 million dollars, the United States with 264 million dollars, Afghanistan with 134 million dollars, and Iran with 122 million dollars.

Golden and black raisins
Golden raisins have more flavonoids than other raisins and have antioxidant properties. Black raisins also contain antioxidants and are rich in iron.

Raisins have many uses all over the world. The top countries that produce raisins include:

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