Type of raisin and benefits:

type of raisins

What is a raisin?

Dried grapes are called raisins. Raisins contain large amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin B. Raisins are also antioxidants.

Benefits of raisins

Control high blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke

Antioxidant properties

Reducing the possibility of mouth and gum diseases

Improve anemia

Prevention of cancer

Help control diabetes

Help with better digestion

Type of raisin:

Grapes have many varieties, and raisins, which are dried grapes, have different types. For this reason, different types of raisins can be used for different applications and tastes. Examples of different types of raisins are:

Green raisins, golden raisins, ricing raisins, Black raisins or currants.

Green raisins:

Green raisins are dried green grapes. Medicinal properties of green raisins:

Green raisins contain B-group vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, fiber, and phosphorus. For this reason, it has amazing medicinal properties.

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Benefits of green raisins

βœ“ Memory enhancement

βœ“ strengthening the heart

βœ“Liver health

βœ“ Reduction of constipation

βœ“ Food digestion

βœ“ Reducing fatigue caused by pregnancy

βœ“ Increasing the physical and mental development of children

βœ“ Preventing anemia

βœ“ Preventing hair loss

βœ“ helping to strengthen and strengthen bones

Benli green raisins are prepared from the highest quality Grape Gardens of Kashmar Khorasan.

yellow raisins, Benli yellow raisins are prepared from Kashmar, Khorasan, and are dried using the dry shade method.

Golden Raisin

These raisins are likewise made from Thompson or golden seedless grapes, but instead of being sun-dried, they are oven-dried.

Another type of these golden raisins are treated with sulfur dioxide gas so that they do not darken during the drying process.

golden raisins It tastes less sweet or caramelized.

This type of raisin is very popular and Bonab city is one of the best producers of this type of raisin in Iran.

Benefit of golden raisins

βœ“ Consumption of golden raisins increases sexual power.

βœ“ Increase the power of the brain system

βœ“ It makes the liver and heart function better

βœ“ Consuming as much as golden raisins has reduced blood concentration

βœ“ It makes the blood flow more easily and faster in the veins.

βœ“ Golden raisin has antioxidant properties and its consumption will be effective in preventing osteoporosis due to its high calcium content.


The dried seeds of black grapes are called currants. Currants are usually larger and fleshier than other types of raisins.

Currants are black and very nutritious compared to other raisins. Also, its properties are more than green raisins.

Benefit of currants

βœ“ Improve the function of glands in the body

βœ“ Strengthen the immune system

βœ“ Improve brain function

βœ“ Improve blood circulation

βœ“ Eliminate anemia and improve the condition of bones

βœ“ A rich source of protein

βœ“ Providing the energy needed by the body

βœ“ Strengthen intelligence and memory

sultana raisin

Green grapes, which are a particular variety of seedless grape, are the source of the dried sultana raisin. This variety of raisin is a little bit smaller in size and has a brighter color when compared to other varieties. These golden, gorgeously colored, and glazed raisins are particularly well-liked because of their alluring flavor and delightful sweetness, earning them the moniker of Sultan. Numerous nations purchase this type of famously delicious raisin from around the world.

Benefit of sultana raisin

βœ“ Blood sugar control

βœ“ Sultana raisins help digestion

red raisins

One of the most popular raisins is red raisin which is obtained by drying red grapes.

Benefit of red raisinsΒ 

βœ“ Red raisins contain potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, fiber, vitamins A, C, B and also contain a lot of natural sugar.

βœ“ Eating red raisins makes the skin fresh and bright

βœ“ It strengthens and increases memory, and also prevents Alzheimer’s.

Side effects of raisins

Consuming raisins in moderation is safe. Excessive consumption of raisins can lead to the following side effects:


Although raisins aid in weight loss because they contain fiber, their high sugar content makes them a risk for unintended weight gain when consumed in large quantities.

How eats most raisins?

Raisins have a high nutritional value, so raisins can be used as sweet nuts, snacks, in food and sweets.

Whats a difference raisins and currants?

As we previously stated, there are several kinds of raisins. Among the most popular varieties of raisins are red raisins, green raisins, currants, etc. The sort of grape from which raisins are formed is what distinguishes one type of raisin from another. As we previously stated, all varieties of raisins are manufactured from grapes, but the sort of fruit that goes into making each variety varies.

often employ larger grapes, or so-called royal grapes, for currant production. Currants are made from black grapes, which has it them meatier texture and deeper color than raisins. Typically, currant grapes are made from seeded grapes. However, it indicates that the currant is of higher quality if there are fewer seeds and it is fleshier.

Which country is famous for raisins?

Turkey is referred to as “the land of grapes”. Grape cultivation in TΓΌrkiye dates back to the 8th century. Turkey is the sixth largest producer of grapes in the world, but it is the first in the production of raisins. After Turkey, Iran and America are the top producers of raisins.

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