9 health benefits of thyme tea

Thyme is one of the most popular herbs for cooking, which has a long history in traditional medicine. The properties of thyme for health have led many people to use this plant for years to treat diseases, maintain health, and especially prevent and treat food poisoning.
benefits of thyme tea
In the old days, when there were no refrigerators and necessary facilities to store food, people used thyme in their food to prevent the rotting of meat and diseases found in food. Also, when there were no antibiotics, the use of thyme oil was considered the best way to heal wounds and prevent infection.
Nowadays, thyme can be found in the diet of most people. The health benefits of thyme help you live a healthier and longer life. In this article, we want to take a closer look at properties of thyme tea  and see why you should use this plant.

What is thyme ?

It is one of the most well-known medicinal plants from the mint family. Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is a herbaceous plant, with straight roots, more or less woody and with many branches, many branches and wood that reaches a height of 30 cm. Thyme stalks are quadrangular, greenish brown to purplish brown, and covered with hairs. The leaves are small, narrow and elongated, grayish green in color and covered with hairs with turned sides and are located oppositely on the stem. These leaves have a very pungent smell and have small leaf tails. The flowers are small, flower-colored or white and are placed in a complex at the end of the stem and appear in late June and early July.

Thyme can have antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties and help strengthen the body’s immune system as well as improve the functioning of the digestive system and nervous system.

benefit of thyme

Properties of thyme tea for blood pressure

Thyme can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to research, thyme can help treat high blood pressure and therefore considered one of the best medicinal plants for those who suffer from this problem.

Researchers have found that thyme and its extract can significantly reduce the heart rate of people with high blood pressure and regulate blood pressure. Apart from this, this food item can help regulate and improve the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), good cholesterol (HDL) as well as triglycerides.

The properties of thyme tea for the respiratory system

One of the most important properties of thyme tea is related to its antiseptic and antibiotic properties, which are usually used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, frequent dry coughs, emphysema, and bronchitis. Thyme extract contains a substance called thymol, which is useful for asthma. Thyme tea is excellent for dealing with respiratory tract infections. Thyme tea is expectorant and can be useful for sore throats and colds. You can drink thyme tea with honey and benefit from the properties of thyme. Using thyme tea improves whooping cough and inflammation of the respiratory system.

thyme tea benefits for hair

They have talked a lot about the properties of thyme tea in the treatment of dandruff in Iranian medicine. Nutrients in thyme tea help hair growth and shine by affecting hair follicles. Thyme prevents dandruff by having a substance called thymol and its antibacterial property.

In addition to taking thyme tea, you can have healthier and shinier hair by topically applying a mixture of thyme oil and olive oil on your head. Thyme oil can also prevent hair loss.

The benefits of thyme tea for the immune system

The properties of thyme tea have been described in traditional Iranian medicine since ancient times. thyme tea have vitamins C, A and K. As a result, the consumption of thyme herbal tea increases the body’s immune system and prevents colds. Antioxidant properties of thyme prevent infections and diseases. The oil in thyme has a beneficial effect on maintaining body cells and reducing the aging process.

The properties of thyme in weight loss

People who are looking for slimming and weight loss with herbal teas consume a lot of teas to help in the weight loss process. But any type of drink will not be effective in the process of losing weight and will not make you slim. Fortunately, thyme tea for weight loss can be effective. Thyme increases the body’s metabolism due to its heat properties and thus helps in weight loss. If you drink thyme tea twice a day, after continuous consumption, you will see the effect of thyme properties in weight loss.

thyme tea benefits for the skin(thyme tea for acne)

Due to its antioxidant properties, thyme tea slows down the aging process of the skin and makes the skin glow. Among the other properties of thyme tea is its effectiveness in treating eczema and relieving itching and dry skin. Also, thyme has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and its consumption can prevent skin inflammations and be a home remedy for acne. This tea can help to eliminate acne and skin pimples in different parts of the body.

The effect of thyme on the skin is so great that the oil of this plant is also used to heal wounds and burns.

Properties of thyme tea in oral and dental health

The antibacterial properties of thyme make it a great remedy for bad breath as it helps kill bacteria and infection in the mouth. Such property of thyme plant has caused this plant to be used as an ingredient in the production of mouthwashes.

The properties of thyme tea in strengthening the body’s immune system

In the winter season, consumption of thyme tea can help treat colds and flu. You can also use thyme tea to deal with bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, and body weakness.

Thyme and honey tea is considered a kind of natural antibiotic drug that can eliminate the effects of influenza such as cough and sneeze and strengthen the immune system of people.

Thyme is a very important source of vitamins A and C, and this has made it recommended to use its tea to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Reducing bone and muscle problems with thyme tea

Thyme is a rich source of potassium, iron, calcium and manganese. These nutrients have a great effect on the health of the bones of the body and prevent the problems of osteoporosis and joint pain. Thyme is also a treatment for muscle cramps and spasms.

Many people claim that using green tea is effective for weight loss. For more information about weight loss with green tea, see our written article titled green tea for weight loss.

The nutritional value of thyme

According to the studies, the following nutrients are available in 31 grams of thyme.

Calories: 28

Protein: 1.6

Fat grams: 0.5 grams

Carbohydrate: 6.8

Gram fiber: 3.9 grams

Also, according to research conducted in America, thyme is rich in nutrients, which include:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C





But you shouldn’t count too much on the nutrients inside this plant because, for example, 1 teaspoon of thyme contains 1.28 mg of vitamin C, which is only 1% of the source needed by the body to receive vitamin C.

Thyme tea side effects 

Despite all the properties that have been mentioned for the consumption of thyme tea, excessive consumption and regardless of the health status can cause complications for the consumer. In this case, consumption of this tea is not only useless, but also causes harm to people. Therefore, it is possible that you will experience some side effects after consuming thyme, which we will mention below.

Drug interactions

According to the conducted studies, one of the side effects caused by the consumption of thyme tea is its interaction with chemical drugs and changes in the release of hormones. So, if you are taking a certain medicine, it is better to consult your doctor about the side effects that this plant may cause before consuming thyme and thyme tea.

Allergy to thyme

Some people may be allergic to thyme and its products. People who are allergic to oregano or its other species can also be allergic to thyme. Therefore, if you have such conditions, be careful when consuming thyme tea. Thyme tea may cause dizziness and weakness in some people or have a negative effect on the health of the skin.


Consumption of thyme in the form of spices, tea, oil or in any form is prohibited for children under 10 years of age. Even mouthwash that contains Listerine can be dangerous for children under the age of ten.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Common consumption of thyme in food is safe for pregnant and lactating women. But it is not known if it is safe to use thyme in larger amounts. So, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before consuming teas like thyme tea.


It is said that thyme may slow blood clotting; Therefore, there is concern that it may increase the risk of uncontrolled bleeding during and after surgery. So stop using thyme at least 2 weeks before the planned surgery and consult your doctor about this.

Thyroid disorders

A group of German researchers have come to the conclusion during a series of researches that by affecting the pituitary gland, thyme can cause disruption in the thyroid gland and have negative effects on the functioning of both glands. Therefore, consumption of thyme is not recommended for those suffering from thyroid gland disorders.

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