green tea for weight loss

Slimming with green tea has been popular for years in parts of the world such as China and Japan. Before we go to lose weight with green tea, you should first get to know it more. You can use this substance to digest your food. Or maybe start your morning with it. 

Green tea for weight loss

But it’s probably time to consider this drink as an essential part of your diet. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. This drink is rich in antioxidants and various plant compounds that are good for health. Some people claim that green tea increases fat burning and helps with weight loss.

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Some researchers suggest drinking between three and five cups of green tea a day. Studies show that drinking more than seven cups of green tea a day may help prevent prostate cancer. But other research says that this amount of green tea may be too much for the average person.

Of course, people’s reactions to caffeine are different, so it is important to drink green tea in moderation. But, as a general rule, drinking between one and three cups per day is recommended.

what are the side effects of green tea?

Additionally, high consumption of catechins (remember green tea is rich in catechins) is associated with decreased iron absorption, which can lead to anemia and iron deficiency. Menstruating women as well as those undergoing dialysis or are prone to anemia, should be more cautious in consuming green tea.

Green tea can also interact with some medications, so it’s best to check with your doctor before consuming large amounts. The European Health and Safety Organization warned against green tea supplements that could damage the liver.

Health benefits of green tea for lose weight

The effect of green tea on breaking down fat cells

Considering that green tea can increase metabolism in the short term, it makes sense that it can also help with weight loss. Several studies show that green tea may help reduce body fat, especially in the abdominal area. One of these studies was a 12-week randomized controlled trial involving 240 obese subjects. In this study, people in the green tea group had a significant reduction in body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference, and abdominal fat compared to the control group. However, some studies do not show a statistically significant increase in weight loss with green tea, so researchers need to conduct more studies to confirm this effect.

It can help reduce fat, especially abdominal fat

Slimming with green tea is not so much. On the other hand, many research results showed that people lost weight, but some did not show any effect. By conducting surveys on these two groups, the researchers announced that people lost 1.3 kilos on average.

Not all fats are the same. Subcutaneous fat is just under the skin, but you may also have a lot of visceral fat, also known as belly fat. Visceral fat is associated with inflammation and insulin resistance. These two types of fat have a lot to do with serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Several studies on green tea catechins have shown that not only is its effect on weight loss moderate, but a large amount of melted fats are harmful visceral fats. Therefore, green tea reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Subcutaneous fat is located immediately under your skin, but you may also have significant amounts of visceral fat, also known as belly fat. High levels of visceral fat are associated with inflammation and insulin resistance, both of which are strongly linked to several serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

It separates fat from fat cells

To burn fat, your body must first break it down in the fat cell and transport it into the bloodstream. Animal studies show that the active compounds in green tea can help this process by increasing the effects of some fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

The main antioxidant in tea, EGCG, can help inhibit the enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. When this enzyme is inhibited, the amount of norepinephrine increases and causes the breakdown of fat.

It increases fat burning, especially during exercise

If you look at the label of almost any commercial weight loss and fat burning supplement, you’ll likely see green tea as an ingredient. This is because green tea extract has been repeatedly linked to increased fat burning, especially during exercise.

In one study, men who took green tea extract before exercise burned 17% more fat than men who did not take the supplement. This study shows that green tea can increase the fat burning effects of exercise. An eight-week study found that tea catechins increased fat burning during exercise and at rest.

It increases your metabolism

Your body is constantly burning calories. Even when you are sleeping or sitting, your cells are performing millions of functions that require energy. Several studies show that taking green tea extract or EGCG supplements can help you burn more calories—even at rest.In most studies, this increase is around 3-4%, although some show an increase of up to 8%. For someone burning 2,000 calories a day, 3 to 4 percent equates to an extra 60 to 80 calories a day — similar to what you’d expect from a high-protein diet. Although the duration of most of these studies was very short, some evidence shows that the effect of increasing metabolism lasts for a long time.

Best time to drink green tea for weight loss

The best time to drink green tea is before a workout. Green tea contains caffeine, which can affect the quality of your workout.
Also, the presence of theanine improves your mood and increases your concentration. Those who want to lose weight should drink a cup of green tea for weight loss every day before starting exercise to burn fat more effectively.
Another great time to drink green tea for weight loss is in the morning after waking up.

Does green tea have calories?

No, green tea is virtually calorie free.
There would be very few calories in green tea, so it’s not worth considering!

last word

Even though green tea extract or EGCG supplements can cause moderate increases in metabolic rate and fat burning, the effects on actual weight loss are minimal. However, every little bit adds up, and it may work even better when combined with other effective weight loss strategies like eating more protein and cutting carbs. Of course, don’t forget that the benefits of green tea go beyond weight loss. It is also healthy for various reasons. Keep in mind that most studies have looked at green tea extracts or supplements containing isolated green tea antioxidants. In comparison, the effects of drinking green tea are likely to be minimal, although regular consumption may have long-term benefits.

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