Does tea expire?

Tea storage is an important topic that is specially discussed in this article. Finding and buying good quality tea with the right flavor can be a very difficult task. But what is important is that when you get a high-quality tea, keep it in such a way that the properties, aroma and quality of the tea are not lost.

Imagine that you bought a small amount of tea and after using it you were satisfied, there is a large amount of this type of tea left and after a while you realize that its aroma has disappeared or it smells bad or its taste has changed. . This is where not only your favorite tea is gone, but you are faced with a lot of undrinkable tea. So it’s better to take care of your favorite drink by observing a few small tips so that you can enjoy it continuously.

The rules for keeping tea can depend on the type of tea. Of course, there are some general solutions that are suitable for all types of tea.

what is the proper storage of tea ?

Tea should be stored in a dry place.

Places like next to the stove; where food is cooked, near the sink or dishwasher; Where there are water drops, under the sink where the humidity is high, and inside the refrigerator are not good places to store tea! Wet or moist tea can no longer be used. Moisture is the main enemy of tea.

Tea should not be stored in a cold or hot place.

The space where you store tea should have a constant and suitable temperature (above 20 degrees Celsius and below 30 degrees Celsius).
Like water, heat damages tea and lowers its quality. Tea should be stored in a place with a suitable and constant temperature, away from direct sunlight and high heat. Places near the stove or oven in the kitchen, places with direct sunlight or places where the temperature changes frequently are not suitable places to store tea.

Tea should be stored separately.

Any type of moisture in the air around the tea or in the materials near it will be absorbed by the tea. This is why it is recommended to store tea in a dry place away from strong smells. Any type of aromatic substance around the tea changes the taste and aroma of the tea. In order for your favorite drink to have its best taste and aroma, do not put it next to spices, coffee or chocolate, other foods, detergents and even other types of tea.

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Storage of different types of tea

If you store tea properly, especially black tea can even be kept in excellent quality for up to two years. Green tea is more sensitive and ultimately maintains its quality for up to 6 months under ideal storage conditions. But matcha tea should be consumed within 3 months at most. So, if you have different types of tea at home, remember to manage their storage conditions so that you don’t forget how long it has been since you bought each one.

Storage of green tea

In keeping green tea, you should consider these three things: temperature, sunlight and air!
The container in which you store green tea is very important. Glass containers that allow light to pass through are not suitable for this. Also, containers that do not close well and allow air flow to pass through.
The best condition for storing green tea is in a vacuumed container with minimal air flow and away from light in a dark and cool place. With these conditions, the refrigerator may seem like a good place, but keep in mind that only if it is vacuum packed and without air circulation inside the container, the refrigerator seems like a good place. Otherwise, the aromatic materials and moisture inside the refrigerator can destroy the green tea.

Storage of white tea, black tea

In fact, many people prefer black and white tea to last for several years. But in order to benefit from this process, you must store this batch of tea properly. According to the characteristics of this group of teas, the only things that should be considered in their storage are erosion and their storage system together.
Humidity, sunlight and air flow are the three things that cause the erosion of this class of teas.
So, like green tea, it is recommended to store these teas in a container that prevents the passage of air and sunlight and away from the humidity of the kitchen. Therefore, transparent glass containers are not recommended at all. Also, if you keep several types of oolong tea or even black and white tea, and anyway several types of tea, be sure to consider the issue of the aroma of the teas and also specify on their packaging what type of tea is in the container so that Do not let the air flow into all the containers for each use.

how long does tea expire

The good news is that tea usually stays fresh for a while. About three to four months is a good time that you can store the place in a container. If you use the right containers, you have up to a year.

If possible, do not expose the tea to heat, light, air and moisture. Most teas come in packages with a best before date, which tells how long the tea leaves will keep their freshness.

In fact, tea that has not been added to water will not spoil, but over time, most of its types will experience a decrease in quality and age. Therefore, the date written on the product indicates the period of time when tea can be expected to have its original flavor. and its use after this date does not pose a health risk.

In general, it is not possible to determine how long the tea will still taste good after its best use date has passed and it is different for different teas.

In general, the more leaves are processed, the longer they maintain their quality, in other words, the most popular type of tea, which is black tea, has a longer shelf life, while Oolong tea, which is between green tea and Black tea has a slightly shorter shelf life than black tea, and green tea, which is one of the less processed types of tea, has a much shorter shelf life than others.

In addition to the type of tea, the quality of tea is also important to determine its shelf life and freshness, for example, good quality green tea may last longer than poor quality black tea.

In short, both tea leaves and tea bags maintain their quality for 6 to 12 months after the best consumption time, and after this period, although the quality usually decreases, it is safe to consume.

What kind of container should we pour the tea in so that the aroma does not disappear?

The most effective way to keep tea fresh is to use a storage container that is opaque and sturdy. For this reason, special tea cans are an ideal way to store it.
Glass containers should only be used if the tea is stored in a dark drawer or cabinet.
In general, tea should be stored in a cool, dark place away from any direct heat or light sources.

How to detect spoilage of tea

In general, tea will not spoil unless water or other liquids get into it, in which case it will mold and you should throw it away.
If the tea bag or tea leaf looks good in every way (taste, appearance and aroma), you can use it safely, but the fact that tea consumption does not pose a health risk does not always mean that the taste and aroma are good. It is also hearty, all types of tea suffer from the problem of decreasing quality.
Don’t expect the tea to be as perfect and tasty as it was on the first day!

Do tea bag expire?

Typically, the shelf life of tea leaves is 6 to 12 months. However, the tea bags themselves contain chemicals that help keep the tea leaves fresh. The correct answer may depend on the quality and type of tea leaves, as well as the brand of tea bags you are using.
But, if you want a rough estimate, we’d say a typical tea bag can last up to 18-24 months.
For example, green tea bags usually have a short shelf life of about 6 months. On the other hand, black tea bags can be stored for 2 to 3 years.

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