How to brew loose leaf tea?

how to brew loose leaf tea, Post-water tea is the world’s most consumed drink made from the full oxidation of tea leaves and is beneficial to the body’s health due to its high levels of antioxidants.
how to make loose leaf teaTea is a pleasant and general drink that is consumed at most ceremonies and most countries use it in their various meals. Tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis) are divided into several categories (oxidation) based on the degree and period of oxidation. If you ask people who are interested in making tea and drink what the steps are how to make tea? Everyone has an idea and the steps for making tea may not be the same for everyone. In this article we want to teach you the tips and steps of making a pleasant and delicious tea.
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How do you make loose leaf tea step by step?

first step
is how to make loose leaf tea, choosing the type of tea you are interested in and you want to make your tea. Choosing the type of tea depends on your taste that you can use packaged teas, herbal, fruit, flavored, flavored and more.
Second step
This step is one of the most important steps in how to make tea because it has many points: The first point is to try to get fresh water in the kettle. Fresh water means that every time you plan to boil the kettle, do not use the remaining in the kettle, but be sure to replace the kettle water every time, then boil. If you use hot water previously for boiling, the surface of the tea that you eventually pour in the cup may look oil, which can also be harmful to health and it will taste the tea.
Another point at this point is that kettle water should be boiling, not lukewarm or half gram. The meant to be boiling is not to go to the 100 degree; I mean to reach 82 degrees. You probably have the question of how to find out that the kettle temperature has reached 82 degrees? In answer to this question, we should say that when you hear the loudest voice from the kettle, it has come to this degree and it is time to turn off the kettle for two minutes.
And finally, before you want to pour the tea into the teapot, first pour this boiling water into the kettle and shake the teapot to rotate the boiling water around the teapot, then remove the water from the teapot. Because this will make the wall and teapot chambers a little warm and the tea comes sooner and better.
Third step
Add one spoon of tea to the teapot for each person. (Of course, it depends on your type of tea) Then add boiling water to the teapot and put it on low heat for 5 to 15 minutes until the tea brews well.
fourth stage
At this stage, it is better to use a strainer; Also try to use china cups because the tea will taste better in these cups. One of the questions that is always raised is that it is better to pour the tea into the cup first or to pour the boiling water into the cup first? Usually they pour tea first and then boiling water in the cups. But in fact, it is better to pour boiling water into the cups first (don’t fill them) and then pour the tea so that the color of the tea can be adjusted better.
** Do not let the tea steep too much; If the tea brews longer than required, it will become bitter. Be sure to pay attention to the time mentioned on the package to brew the tea. Black tea usually takes 4-5 minutes to brew, and teas take more than 5 minutes. Of course, as mentioned earlier, it is only Iranian tea that needs 20 minutes to brew.

What’s the best teapot for brewing tea?

teapot for brewing tea
It is hard to believe, but choosing a teapot with the right material has a great impact on the correct brewing and taste of this drink. In general, the teapot should have sex, which can maintain the heat well and does not change the taste of the leaf.
Glass teapot: It is suitable for seeing the color of the drink, but it does not keep the heat inside itself and causes the water to cool down very quickly, which makes it difficult to drink tea.
Ceramic teapot: One of the best teapots for preparing tea is a ceramic teapot; Because it keeps the heat well, also the aroma of the leaves does not sit on the body of the teapot, and this makes the teapot not smell of the old tea, which is one of the reasons for the bad taste of this drink.
Chinese teapot: Chinese teapots do not absorb the taste and smell like ceramics. This material retains heat well, but not as well as ceramic. Therefore, porcelain is considered the best option after ceramics.

how much loose leaf tea do you use for a cup of tea?

One of the most common mistakes when brewing persian tea or any other tea is that less than the required amount of leaves are poured into the teapot. This mistake occurs because people are used to preparing a large teapot full of this drink with a small amount of foreign tea (for example, 3 spoons); But they don’t realize that the color and aroma of foreign tea comes from artificial color and essential oil, but Persian tea must get its color, taste and aroma from the leaves themselves; For this reason, more Persian tea should be used to prepare this drink. Pour 1 teaspoon full of leaves for each glass and one tablespoon of loose leaf tea for each glass. Of course, this formula can be changed according to your personal taste. The more the number of leaves, the stronger, bitter and more aromatic the drink, and the less the number of leaves, the milder the drink.

What is the right time to brew Persian tea?

The minimum time that Persian tea or any natural tea needs to brew is 15 to 20 minutes. The size of the leaf has a great impact on determining the correct brewing time; The smaller the leaves, the faster this drink brews; The bigger the leaf, the longer this drink brews. Of course, the brewing time is also related to your personal taste; Some people like tea with a mild taste and aroma, which naturally needs to be brewed for less time to achieve a mild taste and aroma, and some people like tea with a strong and thick taste, even very bitter, which needs a longer time to brew. Wait for this drink.

Do you add milk to leaf tea?

Milk tea is considered an old drink and it is popular in different parts of the world and there are different types of milk tea.

  • Brew the tea
  • Add the sugar to the tea and stir well until it dissolves.
  • Add milk little by little to the tea until you get the desired color and consistency.
  • Stir the tea milk once more and then drink it.

Recommendations tea:

Many people have the habit of drinking their tea with sugar, but this destroys the properties of the tea, and instead you can use dates, dried berries, raisins, and other dried fruits.
Try to store dry tea in a dry place and in glass or porcelain containers in which they are closed, and avoid putting dry tea in the refrigerator.

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