Saffron 1 Gram packet Super Negin

Saffron 1 gram benli, first class and premium, which has a high quality level.


saffron 1 gram

Saffron is one of the most popular and famous food seasonings in Iran and the world. With saffron, you can improve the color, smell and taste of the food you are cooking. Saffron is not only used in cooking different foods, but also has various therapeutic properties. Among the properties of saffron, we can mention improving stomach pain, anti-depressant and creating vitality, preventing heart attack and lowering blood pressure. Benli first-class saffron in the amount of 1 gram is one of the first-class saffrons, which has also entered the market in the form of strands. The packaging of this product is of good quality

saffron 1 gram price

The price of saffron is 1 gram, this souvenir of Khorasan is a symbol of Iran and is loved by the whole world with a history that goes back many years. Saffron has a high place among spices and foods. It is not without reason that distinguishing original saffron from fake is a specialty in itself. One-gram saffron is one of the most used saffron packages, which is very popular due to its reasonable price.

An original and high-quality saffron has all certain standards. Based on these standards, we introduce you 1 gram of 100% pure saffron. A product in elegant and luxurious packaging that even as an exquisite gift can be among your options for gifting saffron to friends and acquaintances.

Among the most important reasons for the popularity of Benli saffron one gram package, two important points can be mentioned. Tips such as the reasonable price of one gram of saffron and at the same time its high quality

Where does saffron come from?

Our saffron is cultivated in Razavi Khorasan region of Iran without chemical fertilizers and poisons. Saffron is harvested by hand in late November at first light, before the sun has a chance to penetrate the dark red threads. After harvesting, the fine threads of saffron are separated one by one by hand.


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