Malayer Golden Raisin

Malayer Golden Raisin are made of the best and highest quality grape and produced in the IRAN. This variety of Iranian raisins are obtained by drying grapes either in sun.

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Malayer Golden Raisin

Malayeri raisin is unique in color, it naturally has light brown color with a slight pink tinge. This type of iranian raisin is almost the same as Sultana raisins but the difference is that Malayeri raisin is less sweet and lighter in color compared to Sultana. This type of raisin is particularly popular in eastern Europe and CIS countries. It originally is originally from Malayer city in Iran. If you are looking for a high quality Malayeri raisin, as one of the best raisin producer and supplierwe can help you.

benefit of Malayer Golden Raisins

Malayer Golden Raisin are a perfect source of energy and they have a great amount of Vitamins and Minerals, in addition to Protein and dietary Fiber. Raisin’s Vitamins and Minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Iron and etc.

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About Malayer Golden Raisins

Malayer Golden Raisin is a type of raisin that is produced from the fruit of golden and sweet grapes called Malayer grape. Malayer is one of the cities of Hamedan province in Iran and is famous for its high quality vineyards and raisins.

Malayer Golden Raisins are prepared using grapes from these gardens. After the grapes are harvested from the orchards, they are dried and turned into raisins. In this process, the grapes are formed into small cookies and naturally become a sweet, delicious and delicious food.

Malayer Golden Raisin is a popular food used in the preparation of sweets, desserts, dried fruits and fruit mixes. Due to its sweet taste and good taste, this raisin attracts the attention of consumers who are looking for dry fruits with good quality and taste.

Uses of Golden Raisin Malayer:

As a dry food, Golden Raisin Malayer has various uses. Below, I mention some of the main uses of Malayer Golden Raisin:

  • Direct consumption: Golden Raisin Malayer can be consumed directly as a dried fruit. You can have it as a quick and delicious snack during your snacks, on picnic trips, during snacks or while watching movies and TV.
  • Use in the preparation of sweets and desserts: Golden Raisin Malayer can be used as a main or decorative ingredient in the preparation of sweets and desserts. You can add it to tarts, cakes, cookies, pies and other sweets to give them a special taste.
  • Use in the preparation of fruit mixes: Golden Raisin Malayer can be used in the preparation of fruit mixes. You can combine it with other dried fruits, nuts and seeds and prepare varied and nutritious fruit mixes.
  • Use in the preparation of foods: Golden Raisin Malayer can be used as an additional ingredient in the preparation of some foods. For example, you can add it to stews, sweet rice, soups and traditional dishes to give them a special taste.
  • Use in decoration and decorations: Golden Raisin Malayer can be used for decoration and decorations in cooking. You can use it as a decoration on cakes, cupcakes, puddings and other desserts.

Due to the sweet and delicious taste of Golden Raisin Malayer, it can bring variety and pleasure in the preparation of all kinds of foods.

Benefits of Golden Malayer Raisin:

Malayer Raisin Golden has many properties that can be beneficial for the health of the body. Below I mention some of the properties of this dry food:

  • Source of Antioxidants: Malayer Raisin Golden contain strong antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which help to maintain the health of cells and fight against oxidative damage in the body. Antioxidants can prevent the production of free radicals and be effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and chronic diseases associated with aging.
  • Maintaining heart health: consuming golden raisins can help maintain cardiovascular health. The ingredients in it, including fiber, potassium, and antioxidants, can lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, and reduce vascular inflammation. These factors can help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure and stroke.
  • Maintaining digestive health: Malayer Raisin Golden, due to their significant fiber content, can help improve the functioning of the digestive system and prevent related problems such as constipation. The fiber in it can increase the volume of stool and help the bowels to function properly.
  • Increase energy: As a natural source of sugar and energy, golden raisin can help increase the energy level in the body. Its consumption is especially useful during sports activities or when you need immediate energy.
  • Maintaining bone health: Malayer Raisin Golden contain the right amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are essential for bone health. This food can help maintain bone strength, prevent arthritis and reduce the risk of bone-related diseases.
  • Maintaining skin health: Antioxidants in golden raisin can help maintain skin health. They can be effective in dealing with oxidative damage and aging of the skin, help in the production of collagen and elastin of the skin, and help maintain the softness and youth of the skin.
  • Improves brain function: Malayer Raisin Golden contain a significant amount of antioxidants that can help improve brain function and maintain memory and concentration. Antioxidants can be effective in dealing with oxidative stress and damage caused by nerve activity.
  • Reducing inflammation: Some researches have shown that consuming Malayer Raisin Golden can help reduce inflammation in the body. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances in it can help control chronic inflammation associated with various diseases such as arthritis, intestinal inflammation, and skin inflammation.
  • Maintaining eye health: Antioxidants in Malayer Raisin Golden can protect eye cells from damage caused by free radicals and harmful light. These substances can be effective in reducing the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Immune system support: Malayer Raisin Golden contain a significant amount of vitamin C, which is essential for maintaining the immune system. Vitamin C can help strengthen the immune system, prevent infections and common colds.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight: Even though Malayer Raisin Golden are sweet, you don’t get as much energy from them as compared to some other sweet foods. This means you can use it as a healthy alternative to high-calorie sugary treats and help you manage your weight.

Note: Before taking any supplement or food, it is recommended to consult your doctor or nutritionist, especially if you or others are prone to food sensitivities or have certain diseases.

Reasonable consumption of Raisin Malayer Golden:

A reasonable and daily amount of Raisin Malayer Golden can depend on your needs and personality preferences. But in general, consuming one serving (about 28 grams) of Raisin Malayer Golden as a snack each day will help you reap the benefits.

It is not a problem to consume more golden raisins, but you should pay attention to the amount of calories consumed. For example, 100 grams of Raisin Malayer Golden have an energy value of about 299 kcal. So, if you are trying to control your weight, consuming more of it may lead to weight gain.

Also, keep in mind that Raisin Malayer Golden are sweet and contain natural sugar. Therefore, if you have problems such as diabetes, it is better to consult your doctor or nutritionist to determine the right amount of consumption for you.

Finally, it is always better to consider the moderate and regulated consumption of Raisin Malayer Golden in your diet according to your personal needs and consult with relevant professionals if necessary.

The dosage of Raisin Malayer Golden for those who have diabetes:

For people who have diabetes, the consumption of Raisin Malayer Golden requires care because it contains natural sugar and is sweet. If you or someone you want to consult about has diabetes, it is better to consult your doctor or nutritionist to determine the right amount of consumption for you. In any case, here are some important points for consuming golden raisins in diabetes:

Amount control: limit the consumption of Raisin Malayer Golden to a moderate and balanced amount. Consuming a large amount of raisins may cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Keep in mind that each gram of golden raisins has about 3.66 grams of sugar.

Mixing with other foods: Raisin Malayer Golden can be consumed in combination with other foods to reduce its sugary effects. For example, you can combine it with healthy proteins such as fruits, nuts, or a small amount of white cheese.

Time of use: Take Raisin Malayer Goldenat times when your blood sugar is better controlled. For example, it may be better to take it during main meals so that you can mix it well with other foods and reduce the sugary effects.

Follow up with your doctor: The most important thing is to talk to your doctor about the use of golden raisins and its effect on your blood sugar levels. Each person with diabetes has unique needs, and your doctor can provide the best advice on how to take Raisin Malayer Golden for your specific situation.

In general, it is better to always consider the consumption of Raisin Malayer Golden in your diet according to your personal needs and with the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist, and follow the appropriate consumption to maintain your blood sugar control.

Tips for properly storing Raisin Golden Malayer to maintain their freshness:

You can follow the following guidelines to properly store Raisin Golden Malayer and maintain its quality:

  1. Storage in a dry environment: It is better to store Raisin Golden Malayer in a dry and cool environment. This helps prevent moisture from penetrating and spoiling the raisins. Also, avoid contact with water and high humidity.
  2. Using the right containers: To store Raisin Golden Malayer, use containers in which you can reduce the humidity. The best options for this purpose are closable and airtight containers such as boxes or tight packages. Also, you can use plastic bags or suitable grocery bags.
  3. Prevent contact with air: To prevent contact of Raisin Golden Malayer with air, you can pull the air out of the container you are storing it in and then close the container. This can prevent the raisin from oxidizing and spoiling.
  4. Storage in the refrigerator (optional): If you want to store your Raisin Golden Malayer for a long time, you can put it in the refrigerator. However, you should note that refrigeration may change the color and taste of raisins. It is better to pack raisins in appropriate containers and return them to room temperature before consumption to restore their original taste and quality.
  5. Storage in a closed and dark container: To prevent the color and quality of Raisin Golden Malayer from changing, you can put it in a dark container and away from direct light.

By following these guidelines, you can store Raisin Golden Malayer well and take advantage of its taste and quality.

How can We prevent Golden Raisins Malayer from changing color?

You can do the following to prevent the Golden Raisins Malayer color change:

  1. Store in a dry environment: To prevent Golden Raisins Malayer from changing color, store them in a dry environment. Moisture can promote the growth of fungi and microorganisms that may cause discoloration in raisins. Use airtight containers for storage.
  2. Prevent contact with air: When storing Golden Raisins Malayer in a container, remove all air from the container and close the container tightly. This can prevent the oxidation and discoloration of raisins.
  3. Avoid contact with direct light: sunlight can change the color of Golden Raisins Malayer. Therefore, it is better to place raisins in a dark room away from direct light. You can use boxes, plastic bags or light-proof bags for storage.
  4. Use of antioxidants: Some foods are strong antioxidants and can prevent the oxidation and discoloration of Golden Raisins Malayer. For example, adding lemon extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or sunflower oil to raisins can act as antioxidants.
  5. Storage at the right temperature: temperature can also have an effect on changing the color of Golden Raisins Malayer. It is better to store raisins at the right temperature. Usually, room temperature is suitable for storing raisins. Avoid storing in very hot or cold temperatures.

If, with these steps, the Golden Raisins Malayer still changes color, it is better to examine it carefully and throw it away if there are any signs of spoilage or spoilage.

Can Golden Malayer Raisins be stored in glass containers?

Yes, you can store Golden Malayer Raisins in glass containers. Suitable glass containers are a suitable container for storing this type of dried fruit. In fact, glass containers have advantages such as not interfering with the taste or smell of the product, resistance to oxidation and the ability to review the content.

When using glass containers to store Golden Malayer Raisins , pay attention to the following:

1. Make sure the glass container is clean and dry. Even a spot of water can cause moisture and spoilage of raisins.

2. Use glass containers with lids or caps so that air does not penetrate. This can prevent the oxidation and discoloration of raisins.

3. It is better to use raisins in dark glass containers to avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight can change the color of Golden Malayer Raisins.

4. If you want to store Golden Malayer Raisins for a long time, you can put the packed glass containers in the refrigerator. However, be aware that refrigeration may change the color and taste of raisins. Before consumption, bring it back to room temperature to restore its original taste and quality.

By following these tips, you can store Golden Malayer Raisins in glass containers well and take advantage of its taste and quality.

What are some factors that can affect the price of Malayer Golden Raisins ?

  1. Supply and demand: supply and demand affect the price of Malayer Golden Raisins. If the demand for golden raisins exceeds the supply, the price usually increases. Also, the season of raisin production can have an effect on supply and demand.
  2. Product quality: The quality of Malayer Golden Raisins also affects its price. Higher quality raisins usually command a higher price. Factors such as choosing the right grapes, drying method, absence of pollution and waste and other quality components can be effective.
  3. Production cost: The costs associated with the production of Malayer Golden Raisins also have an effect on determining its price. Costs such as the cost of harvesting grapes, the cost of drying, the cost of packing and shipping can affect the price.
  4. Competition in the market: the presence of competition in the market can also affect the price. If there are direct competitors for Malayer Golden Raisins in the market, the frequency and intensity of competition may put pressure on the price.
  5. Economic conditions: economic conditions such as inflation rate and exchange rate can also affect the price. An increase in production costs due to economic conditions may lead to an increase in the price of Malayer Golden Raisins.
  6. Geographical factors: Geographical factors can also affect the price of Malayer Golden Raisins. For example, if the production area of Malayer Golden Raisins is from the consumption markets of Dortarba, sorry, due to my time limit, I cannot provide information about the price of Malayer Golden Raisins in 2023. To get accurate and up-to-date information on the price of Malair Golden Raisins, I recommend contacting local sellers, local markets or relevant authorities. They can provide you with more useful information.
  7. Global Markets: The demand and price of Malayer Golden Raisins can also be affected by global markets. Changes in international demand and prices for dried grapes and similar products can have an impact on the domestic market. Factors such as changes in export and import laws and regulations, exchange rate changes, competition with other countries, and global demand for this product can affect the price.

Reasons for buying and selling Malayer Raisins Golden for export:

Malayer Raisins Golden is one of Iran’s agricultural products, which is famous as an export product. Malayer Raisins Golden are in demand in foreign markets due to their high quality, pleasant taste and nutritious properties. Some of the features that make this raisin a valuable export product are:

1. High quality: Malayer Raisins Golden are produced using high quality grapes and following industrial standards. This product should have a pleasant taste and aroma and dry naturally without adding any preservatives or sweeteners.
2. Malair Farms: Malair region in the central province of Iran is known as one of the most important raisin production areas in the country. The suitable weather and soil conditions of this region produce high-quality and unique grapes, which has an important effect on the production of Malayer Raisins Golden .

3. International markets: Malayer Raisins Golden are in great demand and welcome in international markets such as Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Foreign customers are looking for high quality products, pleasant taste and nutritious properties, and Malair Golden Raisin meets these criteria.

4. Diversity of consumption: Malayer Raisins Golden is famous in some countries as a widely used food ingredient in the preparation of desserts, sweets, breads and nuts. Also, this raisin is consumed as snacks and can be sold in traditional and online markets.

Due to the above advantages, Malayer Raisins Golden has attracted international markets as an export product. To export this product, you can start export activities by participating in exhibitions and trade events, communicating with importers and foreign traders, and using international trade and distribution networks. Also, establishing a relationship with relevant organizations and business centers in the destination countries can also be effective in increasing the export of Malayer Raisins Golden .

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