Organic Damask Rose Water

There are no additives or extra water in Benli rose water. Relaxing, reducing stress, relieving insomnia, relieving inflammation and redness of the throat ,cleaning and refreshing the skin and… just a part of The properties of organic rose water are Benli.



Rose water is a liquid that is obtained from the distillation of roses, and spring is the best time to pick roses and make rose water from it. Rose water has a very good smell and is also used in the perfume industry.

In addition to perfume, rose water has therapeutic benefits such as: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pain-relieving, anti-seizure, anti-bronchitis, etc.

How to identify original rose water?

Original rose water has a pleasant smell, its color is transparent and bright, and it has no sediment at all, and its taste is heavy and bitter, and the best rose water is from Kashan city, located in Isfahan province.

The benefits of rose water for cooking

Rose water can be used to treat many diseases, and the therapeutic effects of rose water are as follows:

Sore throat treatment
Improve vision and relieve eye fatigue
Treatment of digestive system problems
Lower blood pressure
Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
anti stress
Treatment of headache and migraine
Relieve insomnia
Treatment of canker sores
Treatment of dry mucus and bleeding
Increasing the strength and strengthening of the gums
Treatment of constipation
Decrease in body temperature
Useful for respiratory tract
Treatment of heartburn
Eliminate bad breath
Useful for lips



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