Dried Vegetables

Dried Vegetables are nutritious and easy to store, use, and take along.
From best quality Herbs
100% natural & organic
USA FDA Approved


Dried vegetables

One of the healthy ways to preserve food is to dry it. Three methods are usually used to dry black vegetables. The first industrial method that takes place in factories is drying in the open air and drying in the oven. Therefore, by using this method, the aroma of the vegetable is not lost and it can be used in cooking without any prerequisites.

What is the mixed dried vegetable ghormeh sabzi?

The dry vegetable composition of Qormeh Sabzi includes vegetables such as leeks, parsley, coriander, fenugreek, dill, spinach, green garlic, tarragon and beetroot leaves.

The benefits of dried vegetables

– By buying dry green vegetables by the kilo, you can prepare this dish several times and not worry about the freshness of the greens, so you can combine the dry greens with water to make them fresh.

– The storage of dried vegetables does not spoil in cabinets and warehouses.

– There is no need to chop the vegetables and mix them properly.

– Completely organic and without any preservatives

The purchase of dried vegetable ghormeh sabzi bulk(Bulk dried vegetable Mix), which is supplied in the desired and bulk packages in multi-kilogram bags. All dried vegetables are guaranteed and of high quality.


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