Damask rose buds

The Red Rose Buds were Picked in the Right Season and Naturally Sun Dried Premium Quality – Unlike Other Products in the Market, the Stems are Removed.
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Damask rose

Rose bud is a type of rose and belongs to the Rosaceae family and its scientific name is Rose Damascenes.

The rose bud with the scientific name Rose bud, Rosa has a warm nature in terms of traditional medicine. It is used in foods, sweets, desserts, jams and ice creams.

Organic rose buds ,we strive to consistently bring you the best quality rose buds.

Damask rose is known as Iran’s national flower. Rosa Damascena also known as Dried damask rose buds is unique on our planet. It is apt for human consumption and it has an extraordinary Aroma that cannot be found in any other types of Roses. The main cultivation region of this kind of Rose is Shiraz and Kashan. The use of roses is in the form of decoction, flower oil, rose essence. The wholesale purchase and sale of high-quality export rose buds in world markets is done with excellent quality and reasonable price.
Dried rose buds have unique medicinal and therapeutic properties that have been known to everyone for a long time.

rose buds benefits

Rosemary flower has different applications in various medicine, perfume and food industries and also this flower has countless properties, among which the following can be mentioned:
• Useful for the skin
• Effective in the treatment of constipation
• Cleansing the liver
• Useful for nerve diseases
• Effective in improving the immune system
• Useful for digestive diseases
Rich in vitamins A, C and B

Dried damask rose buds is also used in various industries such as:
• Perfume and cologne production industry
• Chocolate industry
• Production of edible colors
• Cosmetics industry
• Production of aroma and air freshener
• Design of luxurious gatherings and events
The wholesale sale of dried rose buds, paying attention to the appearance, color and smell of roses is the guarantee of the quality of this product. If you intend to buy wholesale dried rose buds, you can contact our experts and order this product.


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