Viper’s-buglosses tea

made from the highest quality

Herbs 100%

natural & organic

no color or essence

USA FDA Approved

Polyamide Pyramid Bag in order not to dissolve in water and preventing digestive problem


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The properties of Viper’s Buglosses tea

Consuming a cup of Viper’s Buglosses  tea daily has a positive effect on your mental health and we can mention the following about the miraculous properties of this natural and healthy tea:

The properties of Viper’s_buglosses tea in strengthening the nerves
Viper’s Buglosses tea properties for diabetes
The relaxing properties of Viper’s_buglosses tea
The property of Viper’s_buglosses tea in improving the heart and blood vessels
The properties of Viper’s Buglosses tea in curing colds

How to use viper’s-buglosses tea

The composition of the contents of Benli viper’s-buglosses tea has been followed in terms of size and quantity, and it is also very easy to brew. First, boil the water and pour it into a teapot or a glass, then add a tea bag of viper’s-buglosses to it and let it brew for 3-5 minutes, then drink the tea.


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