Sultana raisins

Sultana raisins are made of the best and highest quality grape and produced in the IRAN. This variety of Iranian raisins are obtained by drying grapes either in sun.
Color essence free
High-quality flavors
100% natural organic


Sultana raisins

One of the varieties of raisins that is highly well-liked by people are sultana golden raisins. There are several hues of this kind of raisin. One of the most well-liked raisins made in Iran is sultana. Shirini is one of the most popular raisins because of its many culinary applications. One of the greatest raisins for export is golden raisin. Other types of raisins as well as Golden Sultana raisins are exported to nations outside of the Persian Gulf.

Sultana raisins are part of the dried fruit family of fruits, which, in addition to having a delicious flavor, are loaded with healthy ingredients and curative powers. No additional additives are added to the grapes before to drying them in the sun to create this product. The intriguing thing about this is that, despite the fact that the grapes must be exposed to the sun for a considerable amount of time before their moisture is lost, 16% of the grapes’ original moisture is still present in the raisins.

benefit of Sultana raisins

In addition to being a natural source of energy, vitamins, and minerals, sultana raisins are also helpful in the treatment and prevention of a number of illnesses, including viral and fungus infections, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer.



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