saffron benli

Buying natural honey is seen as a natural nutrition in many families. In other words, honey is not a substance that special people use. This golden nutrition has many properties that make it found on everyone’s table.
100% natural & organic
USA FDA Approved



Saffron is one of the most popular and famous food seasonings in Iran and the world. With saffron, you can improve the color, smell and taste of the food you are cooking. Saffron is not only used in cooking different foods, but also has various therapeutic properties. Among the properties of saffron, we can mention improving stomach pain, anti-depressant and creating vitality, preventing heart attack and lowering blood pressure. Benli first-class saffron with an amount of 0.5 grams is one of the first-class saffrons, which has also entered the market in the form of strands. The packaging of this product is of good quality


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